*Baby Nurture Massage - Stage 0 and Stage 0 Sensory Play - 
0 - 10 weeks 
Calm, loving holds, nurture massage, holding massage to assist settling, wind pain, colic and bonding. 
(A good follow on is Baby Massage stage 1) 
£26/40 mins/6 week course 

*Baby Massage - Stage 1 and Stage 1 Sensory Play - 6 weeks to crawling
(Bonding, Fun and great for colic, constipation, muscle tone, flexibility and even brain development!)
(A good follow on is Baby Yoga and Reflex)
£35/60 mins/ 6 week course

*Baby Yoga and Reflex -  Stage 2 and Stage 2 Sensory -  Play 6 weeks to crawling 
Great as a follow on from baby massage, a fun, bonding class, great exercise for babies and can aid relaxation, muscle tone, brain development and much more!)
(A good follow on is Little Movers) 
£35/45 mins/6 week course

*Little Movers  Stage 3 and Full Sensory Play Stage 3 - 24 weeks to 18 months 
(Messy/sensory play)
A great follow on from baby yoga and reflex. A fun sensory class, great for babies who are are beginning to move independently. The class includes messy play, sensory play, singing and water play. 
A good follow on is Toddler yoga 
£35/ 60 mins/ 6 week course 

*Toddler Yoga - 18 months to 4 years 
A great follow on from Little movers. 
A fun active class using lots of songs and rhymes to explore yoga and movement. We look at breath, stretching, balance, and relaxation.
£35/45 mins/6 week course

*All Courses last 6 weeks and cost £35.00
Except Baby Nurture Massage £26
£31.50 if you have completed a course with me before. (10 per cent off) 
Baby Nurture £23.50

Sensory Room Play
Sensory room play is for child and parent to explore all the senses together in a safe, stimulating and fun environment,  assisting with bonding and fun parent baby time. (Not a course but a one off booking) This is free play class not a led class) 
£4.00 for the first child 

£30 for 1 hour Full sensory room hire with friends 
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